Thursday, December 07, 2006

Will it, or won't it?

Brrr, it's cold outside! And not too balmy here inside, upstairs in the house, either. I should have been watching the weather more closely as we've had a sudden cold snap. The current temps are -5 °F / -21 °C with a windchill of: -26 °F / -32 °C AND I DON'T HAVE THE JEEP PLUGGED IN! This is a big oh-oh, as it doesn't like cold and I bet it won't start. So I'd better get ready for work early enough to catch the bus, just in case.

It's nice, and I'm lucky to have a bus stop across the street from my house. But now that we've moved our offices, it's going to be quite the hike (in that chilly weather) to get to work once I get off the bus. Sure hope the jeep starts! Have a great day!


Blogger Happy and Blue 2 said...

Hope your Jeep starts. I have a similar backup plan I use all winter here except mine involves walking 30 minutes..

5:57 AM  
Blogger deni said...

I hope your Jeep starts too, brrr, it sounds cold there.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

That's a mighty cold morning. I don't mind a walk in the cold, but later in the day and after a warm, relaxing morning.

9:38 AM  
Blogger sumo said...

Brrrr...cold. Don't envy you that! Watch out for that wicked snow that likes you to fall down on it.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Aims said...

Hope you got the Jeep started mate! Good luck in the nasty weather x

1:04 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

YUP it's freeezing today here today to.
I woke up amd my feet were not on the floor yet before i swung them back under the blankets.
Umm why do I got to get out of bed again LOL

4:14 PM  

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