Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sans comments, maybe not a bad thing?

A vacation from blogging is a little premature, since I've only been back for one post. I was having a fun time reading other blogs and suddenly I couldn't comment on them anymore. This might be a GOOD thing for the blogs I was visiting, but I wasn't too happy about it. Spent some time messing around to try to restore this function, with no luck. I guess you will know when it's restored for me, because until then, there won't be any comments from me on your blogs. As I said, maybe not such a bad thing. I do prefer a conversation over a monologue--from me or from anybody else. Also spell-checking my post has also been disabled, for some strange reason. Both the comments and spell-checking were working fine when I started this new blogging run.

Blog visiting was quite interesting, many of my old bloggy friends are still around and some of them are not here anymore. When someone just stops posting, I think about them once in awhile and wonder: what happened? My son had an online friend who died recently and says it's very sobering to go to his site (which is still up, probably nobody else has his password) and see his happy posts about his girlfriend and about his life, photos and all. I bet it is very sobering, especially because they are/were so young.

Yep, it does make me wonder when someone suddenly stops blogging, but maybe they just had better things to do, haha! Facebook isn't really a better thing to do but it's much quicker than blogging. Blogging is more fun and rewarding, however.

Thank you for all of your comments. I sure hope I'll be able to comment on other blogs again soon. If not, please realize that I've probably visited you!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long time, no post

It feels strange to be back here again, but in a good way. I've done a lot of Facebook and do enjoy it, but have really missed the more in-depth posting and reading of blogs.

Coming back to this blog after--is it really a year--seems rather like re-visiting a house one once lived in. It feels good all right, but weird, like visiting the past. So much has changed and yet a lot of things are still the same.

Not only did I spend my online time on Facebook, but had lost the password to access this blog! How embarrassing. Just get a new one, people told me. That would have been easy had I not finagled a complicated path to it by setting up a separate email account with a new password, yada yadda yaddda.

Anyway, it was a torturous recovery but I'm back with some new priorities in my life. And I'm eager to hear how things have gone this past year for you!