Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flying out

Just a quick note, and for once I really need to be quick! I have to leave for work in about three minutes. I have my first house showing tonight already! Very cool and I'm excited about it. The timing is a bit bad because I had my two suitcases and clothing strewn about my bedroom and had to just stuff the clothes in and tuck the cases under the bed. We're flying out early tomorrow for the convention and I won't be back home until May 25th.

Like I keep telling my friends and family, it's no vacation. We start at 5 or 6 a.m. and put in 15 hours a day on our feet. Out of the plane window, the cab window, and the hotel window are usually all of the sightseeing that we will have time to do. But it's for work and they're paying us, so we couldn't expect to get paid to go on vacation! Then, while I'm away, the realtor is having an open house here on Sunday. I have high hopes of finding a good home for the house, like I did for the ferrets. I dug around in the garden a little last night when I came home (late) from work. It was kind of bittersweet, as I really love those raised garden beds. Have a great day and a good week, and next!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Long time, no write

Hi, remember me? Maybe not. It's been so long since I've been on that I had to stop to remember the correct password. Sorry I've been such a bad, or rather non-blogger! Even today I might not get time to make rounds, just to write and run. It's been busy, but more than that, I got out of the habit of blogging, of even turning the computer on, of turning the TV on. I haven't watched TV for more than four weeks either (I think. didn't record when I stopped. it could be as long as six or eight weeks with no TV watching.)

So much is and has been going on. Briefly, I found a home for the ferrets. It was sad to see them go but their new family loved them and had ferrets before--so knew what they were getting into.

My son hadn't called me for three weeks. I was trying not to worry but every time I tried calling his or his girlfriend's cell phones it would say something like, "The ___ customer you called is not available. Please try your call again later." I would try later, and later than that, all times of the day and couldn't get ahold of either of them. Finally, since I had to send son a magazine he received and some mail, I put it all in a padded package and wrote in large letters on it: "CALL ME WHEN YOU GET THIS!" The guy at the postal desk laughed when he saw it and said, "It must be a package for one of your kids!"

But son finally called on Saturday and we had a long chat even though the phone reception was bad. He and girlfriend live in a valley and apparently there is a lot of trouble with cell reception from there to here. I know he complained about it when he was still living with me trying to call his girlfriend.

Well, this isn't turning out to be so brief--what a surprise! I don't think I'm able to be brief.

Anyway, last night I listed my house for sale and now a sign sits on my lawn. It was a tough decision because this has been my dream house with so many cool attributes that I had wanted my entire life: a loft in the living room, vaulted ceilings, subtle "sparkle" paint on the highest parts of the ceiling (it's beautiful and catches the light), three raised garden beds, finished (nice) basement, two decks, stone kitchen surface on a counter between and kitchen and the living room where I have put polished wood stools, full bathrooms up and downstairs, lots and lots of windows--so it's filled with light, a skylight in the loft, and very cool recessed lighting in all different combinations and a ceiling fan way up there on the vaulted ceiling, tons of closets and storage spaces. And more.

So many things I loved about this house. In fact I hadn't been looking to buy a house but fell in love with this one at first sight. It was a bit of a stretch to buy it, really it was a bit beyond what I should be buying with my income. Now the taxes have gone up quite a bit (over $150 more per month on the mortgage payment, because it's escrowed.) And since son moved out my grocery bill is less but he also helped by paying me rent. I have looked for other jobs and there's little or nothing at my current pay, let alone more money.

Then there's the age factor. Mine, not the house's. I mowed the lawn for the second time on Saturday after I was done visiting with my Mom. It took me the rest of the day. Since I live on the corner of the block, I have two large sides and the front to mow. And the median between my yard and the street too--all the way to the alleyway, which is half a block. In the winter, shoveling is the same, pretty brutal. My son did all the mowing so I really hadn't done it for the past two years. Whew, it's pretty tough to mow that much and I'm still a bit sore today, on Monday. Speaking on Monday, I'd better get moving to get ready for work. I have a car-full of things to drop off at Goodwill before work too. Have a good day and good start to your week!

Oh, and hope every mother had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday, too!