Thursday, June 04, 2009

A bad, bad blogger

I've been a bad, bad blogger (hangs head in shame) Being a "bad" blogger actually means being a NON-blogger. I love to blog but so many other things get in the way. Like work, for example. Last night I got home at 8:30 pm, hadn't eaten lunch or dinner yet and still had about six hours of documentation to do. So I've been on the computer, all right, but doing other things.

Another confession: I've been twittering instead. Yeah, I like blogging and reading blogs much, much better than the short, more impersonal "announcements" on Twitter. But Twitter works for me in the short bursts of time available, whereas, lately, at least, blogging, although more emotionally satisfying for sure(!) has not. I MISS you all! Anybody want to Twitter?