Saturday, September 15, 2007

Urban gardens and fleas

Yay yay it's Saturday! Yesterday was a pretty good day, after work anyway. HR and BZ have been really nice to me. I consider that a bad sign. They've probably figured out some way to trip me up. My job duties are numerous and visible, while most of the other staff members don't have visible, accountable duties. I am to keep the kitchen, storage room, publication room, work room and the supplies all neat, organized and labeled--plus do all of my other work and be the receptionist too. I'm sure I'll be less than perfect in at least one of those areas. They're probably just waiting to jump all over that. Oh well, I'm in a good mood today and don't really want to think about them and work!

I talked to SLA on the phone yesterday just before leaving work. She's back with the Sleazeball but claims everything is wonderful wonderful that he really is a cop, but he hurt his shoulder while training in the Cities. Could be true, I guess, but why doesn't he have medical care than? Or be able to go to PT for his shoulder? I didn't ask her anything about him but on a whim invited her over to my house for dinner. She still doesn't have a car, so after leaving work I went over to get her. SB was there on the couch, unshaven and surrounded by a horrible mess (normally her house is fairly neat) and empty beer cans. Of course the man was relaxing at home, but I didn't get any better impression than before.

I picked SLA up (wishing she had been ready to go, I hate when people make me park, come in and then wait) when they know exactly when I'll be there. But it was fun. I had leftovers from a meeting at work on Friday morning that BZ would have just thrown away. It was perfectly good (was refrigerated) deli meat cuts and cheese. I had a couple of buns left, and SLA and I stopped to pick cucumbers and tomatoes, oregano, basil and sage from the garden. I broke out the homemade dressing and mayo, mustard, salad greens a jug of Sangria and a bottle of Leinie's Octoborfest for me. After the food we had some left-over birthday cake. It was from a friend of my Mom's, made for Mom and she had given me half which had just sat in the freezer since then. It was another mini-party!

SLA talked about SB incessantly though. Any subject would immediately turn to him, especially after she'd had a couple of large glasses of Sangria. After a couple of hours I actually was tiring of her company, which has never happened before. AND then she told me that her cats had fleas, from the neighbor dog. She said she'd tried everything to get rid of them but she and SB had them too! Oh good, if she brought fleas into my house I'm gonna be mad! Yikes.

I was paranoid about getting contaminated after that and wrapped up the night shortly after--early at around 9:00 PM. Former Temp called me right as we were leaving to tell me that she didn't get the for-sure job. That's very sad. She is a single parent and we just dumped her with little warning at work, and now she has no job.

I brought SLA back to her apartment in my jeep thinking "Please don't let Jeepers get fleas!" She needed to drop off some mail and bills, so we swung around to the night deposit at the Post Office. I had split the remaining deli meat and cheese with her, and the remaining birthday cake, plus given her some herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. We had looked for squash and there aren't any more! I was nearly positive that I had many more left. Either I am mistaken or somebody took them, as the garden is right by a city sidewalk.

Speaking of gardens, today I'm going on an Urban Garden Tour! There even is an old school converted to apartments in the middle of town (in which I was very interested in living a few years ago) that has chickens! Chickens in the middle of town, I want to see that and the other urban gardens. My Mom thinks she doesn't want to go and the tour is from 2-4:00 this afternoon. So Mom and I can do our normal Saturday thing together and I get drop her off if she decides not to go with me. Have a happy, fun Saturday and weekend!

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Blogger Maria said...

Ugh.Fleas. My sister had them once and I swear I was on alert for weeks after they got rid of them.

That poor SLA....she is in for a fall, yes? God, I hate it when friends and family members fall for slobs..and we just have to sit there and watch helplessly....

12:36 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Reading about fleas makes you start itching...that and head lice always get the same response from me *scratch scratch scratch* lol

I'm glad you got to spend some catch up time with SLA, but sorry to read that she's still with the man that sounds like such a loser. I have to admit I was surprised he actually let her go to your place for the night...maybe he's loosening up a little? (certainly sounds that way by the condition you saw him in, ugh)

Having BZ being 'nice' to you, must surely have you waiting for the punchline...nothing that woman does seems to go without an ulterior motive. The other day when I read she'd broken her foot? I immediately thought "Shame that's the only thing she broke" lol

3:53 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

Good for carefree for a change.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Fizzy said...

In amongst all your work trouble, you still make time for others. You are a good daughter and friend. I do not know how you do it. As for the fleas.... DO NOT make friends with them

4:12 PM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

I joined this late. But I wish my best to SLA!

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fleas... yeah hope they didnt get transfered... and yes...isnt it tiresome when that is ALL they talk about... but at least your weekend is sounding pleasant and mostly hassle free.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Gypsy said...

Glad to hear that you had a better day at work and you are probably right to regard that with great suspicion.

It was also nice to hear that you caught up with SLA without the slob. She sounds like she is totally smitten with the louse and I feel for her because I know exactly how this is gonna end as I'm sure you do too.

Hope you enjoyed your Urban garden tour? Btw how is the sale of your house going? Any nibbles yet?

3:52 AM  

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