Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fun things

What a nice weekend! But now it's done and today is back to work. The rodeo was really fun, I like the barrel racing the best. The kids' calf chase during intermission was pretty cute, calfs are zippy and hard to tag! I didn't get any photos of the rodeo. After it was over we all went out to eat, Amanda and Anton, their horsecrazy friend and her dad, and a couple I just met.

On Monday I spent time with Mom and later in the afternoon went with Amanda and Anton to watch their horse-crazy friend ride. She rides English and is learning dressage and jumping. It was trying to rain so we were in the indoor arena and she only practiced on dressage, which was very interesting.

This isn't a good photo for several reasons: the indoor arena was pretty dark, my camera has a delay and she was too close by the time the camera finally went off--both times, the other photo is even worse. It was cool to see the horse "dancing" by moving his legs across each other and stepping sideways. After it quit raining we all went outside. By that time many other people had come to ride. Horse-crazy was done with her lesson but we stayed to watch the others until 6 PM! I didn't take any photos of them, since I don't know them, even though there would have been much better shots available once we were outside. We had to practically drag Horse-crazy away from that place. But I'm with her. It sure was fun to play with the big dogs (I miss having big dogs, or any dog, for that matter) pet the horses and feed them carrots. I could live there too!

And another garden photo. I was trying to get the corn in the picture. It's kind of silly to plant corn in such a small garden, but I wanted some. And it has ears on it now! Hope you had a great weekend!

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Blogger Maria said...

Ah.Liv would have LOVED to come with you. She has gone completely horse crazy on me and to be honest...horses scare the hell out of me.

So, I usually stand there and say lame things like, "Hey, there Mr.Horse, aren't you fine looking!"

Anything to keep it from running at me.....

Have a great week, you....

7:11 AM  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I LOVE horses!!!

And I love your garden...I so wish I could do something like that!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Gypsy said...

Brought back my lovely horseback ride recently when I was supposed to be working. Glad you had such a fun weekend.

6:41 PM  
Blogger ordinarygirl said...

Your garden looks lovely (and tasty)!

1:10 PM  

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