Tuesday, June 26, 2007

extended weekend

What a great weekend I had! It got extended for these past two days, Monday and Tuesday, because then I got sick. But let's get back to the great weekend.

I drove to my son and his girlfriend's apartment in a distant city. I hadn't seen him since April Fool's Day, and for the two months before that time he had spent most of his non-working time in that city with his girlfriend. After a long day of work on Friday, I loaded up my vehicle with the things he'd asked for, things of his that he couldn't take down there in his little car when he moved. So I fit in a computer desk chair, a bedside table, a floor lamp, the large old, heavy microwave that I used when he was 6 years old. He and his roommates had used it in his apartment here in town. I also brought some of his clothes, towels, dishes and other things. At first I wondered why I was riding a bit low but then realized the vehicle was packed full!

I followed the MapQuest map that I printed off and stopped at what I thought was about 20 miles away, in a parking lot and called my son, as he had asked me to do, to make sure he was home. It only took me a few more minutes before I was there! I had been driving in what looked like the middle of nowhere (but a very pretty, rural nowhere) and suddenly there were houses and there was his street! Girlfriend was working but son got me settled in the spare room and we unloaded all his stuff from my jeep. He was happy to see me and also pleased to get some more of his things. We spent some happy time catching up and then had to go and pick up girlfriend from her work at 9:00.

In fact during the weekend, we ended up at their work several times. It's kind of their home away from home. Both work long hours there, plus they buy just about anything that they need from that store. Having an employee discount helps, and it's a superstore with groceries, clothing, furniture, hardware and just about everything! They had a karaoke contest there on Saturday while girlfriend had to work again. Son had purposefully taken the weekend off to visit with me. That was one of the reasons he was so disappointed when I first told him that I had decided not to go (but changed my mind, of course)

I found out that sleeping on an airbed is really really comfortable. Much more so than my regular bed here at home. Well, actually the first night wasn't as comfortable. My son pumped up the airbed but told me that it had a leak. He offered to take it back and exchange it during the night (the store is open all night) if it wasn't working for me. The bed steadily was losing air so when I laid on it, the air came out with a persistant hissssssss. But the air didn't come out evenly so the bed tossed me around a bit, even into the wall once before it totally deflated. I thought it was hilariously funny--until it totally went flat and I was on the floor. I don't know what I was thinking but I can't sleep on the floor, can't even sleep on a sleeping bag because of my injured back.

I had brought down a bank of various sized pillows to serve as a backrest. I got up and moved some of the larger, flatter ones underneath me and laid back down. That didn't work well. It was 2:00 AM and girlfriend had to work at 7:00, so I really didn't want to wake up the kids saying, "Can you go and exchange the airbed now?" They don't even have a couch or recliner or even a large chair to use. I thought longingly of the back of my jeep, and even considered going out there to sleep! But that would wake up the dog and everybody else. I looked around the room and there was a pile of clean clothes lying by the door. I took them and spread them out, put the sheets on top and actually went to sleep! I think it was mostly because I was so tired, not really because it was comfortable--at all.

On Saturday girlfriend had to work early so she took their car and son could sleep in (normally he would have had to get up and take her--but then normally he probably would have been working too). I got up very early and sat in the living room. They just have 2 plastic lawn chairs in there but it was comfortable. The apartment has such a good vibe to it. A bit later I took the (my former little) dog for a walk. The neighborhood is beautiful. There are large trees on each side of the street, the canopy nearly touches in the middle. So even though it was already hot, I could walk mostly in the shade. The neighbors all had gorgeous flowers and landscaping. Even though it's not so far away, it's a totally different climate then I live in!

When son got up we sat around and talked a bit, read the papers (for I had gotten one of each from a nearby kiosk) and then went to the Leinie Lodge. I have always wanted to visit and tour Leinenkugel's Brewery. The kids didn't have a phone book and the newpapers didn't have any information, so we were lucky to be able to join a tour forming (they recommend reservations). I've heard about Leinenkugels my entire life. Both of my brothers came down to this area to go to school. In fact the one and only time we took a vacation when I was a kid was with a beloved Aunt who took us camping in the large park right next to where my son lives now! So even though I've never explored the area, I've always had a fondness for it.

After we toured and had samples at the Leinie Lodge, we went to listen to the karaoke contest at the kids' work. They work with lots of fun people and I got introduced to many of them. That night (Saturday) some of their work friends came over to the apartment to watch movies. Son had also exchanged the airbed for the world's most comfortable (also an airbed) bed! So I went to bed fairly early and slept well all night.

It was hard to leave, I wanted to stay there, not to come back home to work and house troubles. The real estate agent called me when I returned and told me nobody had come to the open house. I can't say it was great to be back home! Now I'm thinking about possibly moving to that city if I ever sell the house. The paychecks are better and rentals are cheaper. But then there is my poor Mom who lives here, so maybe not.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back! Was beginning to wonder 'bout ya. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Unfortunate about the illness though. Your son and his girl sound wonderful. Maybe you'll be fortunate in future to move a little closer to them.

6:40 AM  
Blogger BikerCandy said...

I'm glad the weekend turned out so well for you. I'm sorry there was no one there for the Open House though. I keep hoping the best for you!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Sounds like one great weekend....and yeah, it can be hard to come back to the homeplace...

9:10 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

I'm happy you had a good time visiting with yoiur son and an extra two days is even better.
At least you were away from work.

11:49 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

Great that you had a good and welcome visit. He loves his momma.

4:17 AM  

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