Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad Company

I just took a Company Abbreviation Quiz on AOL. (No, AOL was not in one of the questions!) And got one wrong, it was BMW--I thought I knew what that stood for! It's probably not a good thing that I knew all of those other abbreviations! Wanna try it? Here's the link:

No news about the potential buyers. No news is NOT good news, in this case. The realtor is having another open house on Sunday, so that's good. Maybe more people will come this time. I have more hope now, even though those potential buyers haven't even made an offer. Just because they are interested, and for some strange reason that fact makes me more confident that someone will be interested now, too.

Interesting day at work yesterday. I had my one-on-one with BZ. We all were given a bunch of questions to think about and answer, about work, work conditions, BZ, and our co-workers. There were four people scheduled ahead of me last week, so I should have been right in the middle, a good postion for something like this. But BZ's kids were sick a couple of days last week and the other appointments were re-scheduled so my one-on-one was first!

I had had barely any time to think about the answers and type them up with two looming deadlines coming up on Wednesday. One project I will call my miracle baby, as it's totally a miracle that I got it done by then! This was a project that Favorite Co-worker interfered and screwed up everything. Basically she told the contractor I was working with that they did not have to supply me with certain information--information that I needed to do the project! I had worked it out with them before she got involved with it. She totally admitted that she knows nothing about databases or lists, yet she stepped in and let them off the hook for the information I needed!

It's written right into our contract with them that they are to supply that information, and I needed it to complete my project. So I had to look it all up by hand, which took huge amounts of my time that I didn't really have as spare! So now Favorite Co-worker is mad at me and not speaking to me. Why is it that when certain people wrong you, instead of being contrite they get huffy and angry with you? Anyway, I told BZ all of this when we had the "co-worker" part of our one-on-one. Favorite Co-worker had already gone running to her to complain about me early that morning. I fully expect BZ to totally back Favorite Co-worker, she always does. FC is her current little pet at the office. FC probably told BZ that I was mismanaging the project and that she needed to step in.

Even though I didn't have any spare time to prepare my answers, I did run the draft copy by our HR department before bringing them to BZ. I know I probably will catch flak for my daring to mention certain things, and I wanted to be covered on it! Yikes, I am so tired of all the stupid, unnecessary drama at work. Not to mention all the unnecessary extra work, at work! When I sell my house, I plan to scale down enough so I can afford to look for and take a different job.


Blogger ordinarygirl said...

You know, BZ sounds like one of my old bosses, CB. CB managed to run off almost all the good people in our department while she was at the company (for about 3 years). I transferred after 3 months!

But CB was let go because she violated HR rules and now the company is much, much happier. Sometimes I wish I would have waited her out. It was a good company and the people (other than CB) were great.

But, I'm getting paid much more now and I'm at another good company with good people, so I guess it worked out just fine.

9:16 AM  
Blogger sumo said...

I just fervently hope that the BZ gets hers some day. If you leave your job...stay in contact with someone so you'll find out what happens in her future...enquiring minds want to know!

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that companies are the same everywhere!! Even here in Japan! I have a colleague that sounds like your FC. Really... why IS it that when people mess up, they backfire, instead of just simply apologizing and getting it over with??? Could I be the same? I'd like to think not...

4:08 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I too am waiting for the day that BZ gets her day. God knows, as do we all, she deserves it.

Fingers crossed for you house selling hun, it must feel like a long hard slog at this stage. Chin up *hugs*

6:28 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

I've misplaced your email address...would you please email me...I want to ask you something.

11:52 PM  

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