Thursday, August 31, 2006

I always dream of food

The week has gone really well, hope yours has too. BZ will be back today, as are a lot of the other staff. They were gone at a training center on the east coast. Temp and I got a lot of work done. We're doing well on my many projects.

Son told me about an awesome site where you can get your photo matched up to famous people's faces! It was lot of fun. I used my photo from work, haven't tried the more flattering ones he took of me. Maybe you've already been there, the link is:

Even though I'm not a a diet, I almost always dream of food! How sad is that? Speaking of, no brown rice and vegetables with gomasio and curry for lunch lately. The rice has been my standard lunch for a long time. I started bringing chicken sandwiches for lunch this week to use up the chicken. I put sliced tomatoes and cucumbers in it, so it's a little bulky and a lot good. I love the rice but it's a nice, temporary switch to eat chicken.

I was scheduled to go to the rodeo this Friday night with Amanda and Anton and a horse-crazy friend of theirs. But my older brother called last night and they are coming to town to take my Mom out on her birthday, Friday night. She will be thrilled! And it's a special birthday (one of the "0" birthdays) for her.

Hope they don't mention that their foreign exchange boy has a birthday on the same day, so that's why they're going! He just came on August 12, so they don't even really know him yet. I suppose the fact that it's his birthday will come up, but hopefully not as the reason for going, Mom would be quite hurt.

Oh, and I guess that means I'd better get him a present too! What does one get for a teenaged boy from Thailand? Maybe some local keepsake to bring home. Nothing else really comes to mind that doesn't cost a lot, teenaged boys like expensive electronics! They are coming to see my new house, too. Good thing I finally have some furniture in the living room. Have a great day!


Blogger Grant said...

Get him an American flag and a Budweiser cap so he can be a genuine redneck when he returns.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

Take his picture, run it through and put it in a double frame....or give him a McDonalds gift card.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Lillee said...

McDonald's sounds good to me. In Thailand there are really big snakes and lots of bad weather.
EWWWW Thailand........

10:33 PM  
Blogger Magpie said...

mmm teenage boys are always hard to buy for, i normally get a pack of smellies and shower gels for boy presents at xmas, but the mcdonalds gift card sounds good too...


2:28 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

If its the same site that i went to, they said i looked like Oprah! What the...!!

1:16 AM  

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