Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work and homework

Yikes I had a wicked first day back to work on Wednesday! BZ wasted no time to let me know my place--at the bottom. At the early morning check in she yelled at me because the storage room had been messy. For one thing, it wasn't my job but the Former Temp's, and for another thing, why do we peons have to clean up the others' messes? BZ and Favorite Co-worker are the sloppiest, messiest people yet they make such a big production about "neatness" hard to figure. I got mad and yelled right back.

This was a bad thing and we glared at each other for several long minutes. I wanted to throw down the little notebook that I'm supposed to write down the assigned tasks right on to her desk and quit. But I didn't. I can't quit, need the money and the benefits. She assigned me some more nasty cleaning stuff to do, like I'm the janitor or something. And some of it was heavy moving stuff. Guess I have to stop and do a Seinfeld here and say, there's nothing wrong with being a janitor. I was one while going to school, but I can't physically do the work now and have experience and training in other areas. BZ is doing it as a demeaning sort of thing to put me in my place. Poor Former Temp didn't even show up today, she called in. BZ has been really mean to her this past week.

Tomorrow will be the Former Temp's last day. BZ is planning a coffee and rolls reception for her at midmorning. I bought a basket and some fun and funny gifts to put in it for Former Temp. Now I'm wondering if it will be an OK gift, if I should bring it up and put it on her desk or just give it to her quietly? I'm an insecure gift-giver, never feel that my gift is good enough or the right thing despite lots of effort.

I made Former Temp some of the cookies she liked so well to put into the basket. I'll also pick her some small baggies of organo, basil and sage early tomorrow morning and put them into the basket, too. She liked those when I brought her some one time. I got her a funny book from Amazon, a little banner with her favorite saying and some other small stuff. I'll really really miss her at work but doubt she'll miss us much. She's just glad at this point to be out of there. Her aunt has a good-paying job for her at the clinic that is almost a sure thing.

I've heard nothing from SLA--which means she's back with Sleazeball and afraid to tell me. Hope her overdraft got paid up! I had a PT appointment after work and now have some homework to do for it. I've got another appointment after work tomorrow. It's getting better even after the weekend bed-carrying setback. I've been able to stay in bed all night for two nights now! Of course I have to change positions, keep waking up, etc. but it's a huge improvement over barely sleeping at all. Off to do the physical therapy homework!

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Blogger Michael Manning said...

Might she have a lead for you? I'd get her number and yes, give the thoughtful gift to her personally. Maybe you can get a better job situation!:)

10:38 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Glad to know that the back is improving slightly. Someday when BZ is feeling semi human, could you not explain your physical predicament to her? Maybe even she would lay off a bit.

11:29 PM  
Blogger PBS said...

BZ knows already. I had to explain it to her to get time off for these PT appointments. I take them late in the day to miss as little work as possible, and make up the time--I had to work that all out with her. I think she thinks I'm faking it--especially because of the timing! But I'm certainly NOT and wouldn't wish this pain even on her.

5:43 AM  
Blogger sumo said...

As long as you have your doctor's excuse for are safe.

4:44 AM  
Blogger Gypsy said...

You're too nice. I certainly do wish your pain on BZ and a lot more besides.... in fact, I've enjoyed some of the hideous little scenarios I've cooked up in my mind for that monster bitch.

I'm sure your co worker will love the gift as you have obviously gone to a lot of trouble to give her things you know she likes and would enjoy.

4:47 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

Oh would I love to have a talk with BZ.
Just tell me if you ever find another job you will tear her a new one and leave her skinned and nailed to the wall for passer bys to fsee her rotting carcus.

Give her the basket when and where you feel trhe most comfortable.

Have a nice long weekend

10:13 AM  

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