Saturday, February 17, 2007

And you thought I was out drinking again

Last night, following a grueling and stressful day at work, I went out with Anton and Amanda. First we went out to eat and talk. Anton told us that he's given up drinking, and I said I had recently taken it up as another hobby! Because it's true that I used to go out every month or two and have A beer before and now it's more often than that, and more beers than one. I switched to light beer after the first one on Thursday night though, just to let you know! Thanks for the great advice in your comments.

After the meal (and no drinks) we went to the 41st Annual Duluth Boat Sports and Travel Show at the DECC. It was very fun, especially with A&A, they're a fun couple and up for adventures. The Boat Show had a mini NASCAR racing track that I was dying to try. But it had a long line and it seemed like it was only for kids, not adults. We saw the "Fishing for Laughs" show by the Bassmeister, the Desert Display and the Falconer's Walk with lots of cool animals and birds. We climbed up on and into many beautiful boats and RVs. There was a lot of fishing gear, tanned leather stuff and fur and all sorts of interesting booths and gadgets.

At the end we climbed up into the bleachers and watched and listened to "The Legends, A Rock 'N Roll and Comedy Show." They were funny and entertaining, but only played cover songs, of course. And not to be unkind, I enjoyed them but they weren't the most gifted live band I've heard! So I was surprised that they were swarmed with people wanting T-shirts and signed copies of their CDs at the end. Amanda bought a T-shirt and had the band all sign it. It was cute and she bought it several sizes too large as a sleep shirt. Anton liked them too and was looking over the CDs for sale. I don't know if he bought any because I was watching one of the band members teaching a young boy how to tap dance. It was the cutest and sweetest thing! I wish I had a video clip of it, there was a real "awwwww" factor going on there.

I almost came home with a new pet, too. Right at the beginning there was a booth with Sugar Gliders for sale. I'd heard of them before but had never actually seen one. They are the cutest little creatures and make adorable little noises, the first awwwwww factor of the evening! I've never purchased an animal without researching its needs thoroughly, but almost made an exception in this case.

At the end, I wanted to walk out back by the booth but A&A wisely took me another way so we missed it but I do have a brochure from them. The Boat Show wasn't a good place to be selling any animal and especially not an animal like that. So I'm wondering if they weren't the Sugar Glider version of a "puppy mill"? But now I want a Suggie desperatly. Or rather, two, because like ferrets they're a social animal and shouldn't really be kept alone. Have you owned a Sugar Glider, or know someone who does? I researched them some this morning and found out that they're a marsupial from Australia but are bred in captivity (like a ferret).

So I wasn't out drinking again (that's tonight, with SLA and friends) but was out scoping possible new pets. Have a great rest of your weekend, mine is a three-day weekend, yippee!


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

A Sugar Glider?

1:17 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

I second anvilcloud...what the HELL is a sugar glider?

And please, please....don't let my daughter know. We already have a parakeet, a hermit crab, and two beta fish. No room at the inn.

4:16 PM  

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