Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The good and the bad of having a temp helper

Another bit of advice to myself (if I keep this up, maybe there will eventually be 100!): when it's 40F outside don't walk many blocks with no jacket, sandals and bare feet, and still-damp hair. Despite the fact that some people call it an old wive's tale, you will get a sore throat before the end of the day. Well, maybe YOU won't, but I do, and did. Some mouthwash, orange juice and hot beverages (not together or all at once, of course) seem to have knocked it out. I hope.

Monday was a busy day at work but every day seems to have more work than I had possibly get done! Even with the temp to help me (but she's working on special projects, not my regular stuff) I'm really pretty swamped. But the up side is that it doesn't give me much time to think about things and the days go by so fast. (of course--is that really a good thing?)

Yesterday I did go off on a co-worker for giving the temp work directly. It's the second time I've done that, two down and eight to go, ha ha! Even though they all have been told that the temp is working on special projects (and working for me) they will sneak her their weird extra stuff to do without checking it out with me. No wonder the special projects are behind schedule, I was pissed off in the US sense, not the UK meaning! I have to answer to the Manager and to the Executive Director on those projects, so it will make me look bad to be falling behind on them.

Having a temp for a helper is always a mixed blessing, as that person basically wants your (my) job and is trying (behind your back) to get in good with your other co-workers and look better than you do. So she was very happy to deal directly with co-workers, whom she'd have to be blind to not realize are higher up in rank than I am. Even though I have told her from the beginning, and many times since then, that she is to accept work only from me. Part of the problem is that I'm too busy to really supervise her properly and have found out that kind of thing only after the fact.

But hopefully after yesterday I put some fear of God into her and the co-workers. I mean what I say, darn it, quit messing with me! We'll see if today is any better. After my rant the co-workers either avoided me or came up to talk about it privately, depending on how friendly we are to each other. It was funny to watch and note the difference. You can tell just who your office friends are after something like that. But the bottom line is that none of them are really my friends and I always have to watch my back. Oh well, nothing different about that, same old, same old. Office life goes on. Have a good one!


Blogger Happy and Blue 2 said...

Eventually the people in the office will get the message and give the work to you first..
Hope your sore throat has healed up..

9:55 AM  
Blogger katie said...

I love how temps become the dumping ground for all the unwanted odd work. We had a temp hired into accounting that seemed to be doing a little something for everyone.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Grant said...

Maybe you need to chain the temp to your desk and cordon off the area with sand bags.

12:42 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

Go postal...it will make you feel better...ha ha!

4:09 AM  

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