Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not Miss Congeniality

Yesterday was certainly a busy and productive day! Work was hectic and favorite co-worker has dumped heaps of work on me before leaving on vacation. Did she save it all up or something, I wonder.

BZ is coming back today from a work trip. She's not going to be happy with me. I suppose we'll have to have one of those talks, shudder. She called me Monday from a distant airport when I was expecting her in the office. She'd changed her travel plans and then her flight ticket! That wouldn't have been so bad but then she also didn't have a hotel room for that night! Have you ever tried to find a Conus room in DC the very last minute, like the SAME DAY?? I did find a room at a decent hotel but it was quite a bit more expensive. I called her and left a message. A few hours go by. She called me back and I missed the call (on another line) to tell me that she found a room! So then the hotel that I booked won't cancel without a penalty, because it's less than 24-hours notice. Yikes, a comedy of errors and guess who will get yelled at for the extra expense.

I suppose I should have asked more questions during that first phone call. But it was so unexpected that I was just sort of surprised and didn't even think of the hotel question until after we'd hung up. Then, I guess I should have called her back. --I'm practicing for "the talk" today, as I'll probably have to go through "what I should have done" a few times in great detail.

I really don't know why I can seldom anticipate BZ's moves. I've worked with her for six years, the first two as a temp and the final four as a real employee. It's true that I've only worked closely with her for the past several years, but I still can't figure her out, she's so very unpredictable. All of my former bosses were easier to work with, I could write letters and memos for them that sounded exactly like the way they would do them, same vocabulary, same style. I wouldn't want to even try doing that with BZ because I'd fail miserably. I can almost never figure out how she's going to react to things either. Usually I try the opposite of what I first figured (like the "opposite" episode on Seinfeld) and it comes out somewhat closer but not correctly. Am I just not paying enough attention, or what? I have never had this problem with any other boss I've ever had. It really frustrates the heck out of me.

But despite that stress, yesterday really was a pretty good day. I was very busy, but got to attend a Vendor Show for office supplies, since I'm the one who orders them. The show had food but I'd already eaten with a fun former co-worker. They had tables of free samples all the way around the room, and a nice big bag in which to put all of the goodies. I ran into two women from another branch of our organization and hung around with them for a bit. But they were too slow, lining up behind a horde of people to get a particular product when there was another table with not as many. It was amazing how so many people acted like they had all day to meekly stand in line to listen to five people ahead of them talk to that vendor. I guess they (all those other, slow people) were just trying to kill time to not have to go back to work. But I'd rather go back to work than waste all that time standing in line when shorter lines are available! I think I even made a comment about it when I ran into the two sort-of-co-workers again, because they wondered where I had gone. Hmmmm probably I won't be winning Miss Congeniality at work anytime soon.

But I want to spend ten minutes grabbing up the freebie samples, bring them back to work to test drive for the next week or so, and then call up the vendor if we decide we want to order them. To me, that's the point of the whole thing. Oh, and I did take home a really cool pen (with buttons to push for any one of four colors) sample that wouldn't be of any use at work!

The short (half hour) lunch with the former co-worker (from another company) was fun. I showed her the two job openings that my place has, but both require a bachelor's or higher degree. I didn't know that she didn't have a degree, since she often talks about school. It's funny how my friends are pretty much split between those with school, but no degree, and the members of the Scone Club--who all have their Master's but me. I'm the most uneducated one in that bunch. I do plan to get my Master's some day, in fact it was part of my Master Plan to go while saving money by sharing expenses with my Mom. You will note how THAT one has worked out!

Speaking of Mom and moving, we're looking at two apartments for her tonight. She's quite interested in both of them and already planning out furniture purchases. So I guess this is really going to happen, and it'll be the best thing for the both of us. Things have been quieter at home lately, and she's been doing the dishes during the day, too, quite a nice perk for me! Although I did a sinkful of dishes this morning....

The Citizen's Police Academy was awesome again last night, as usual! I did find out that the woman who sits next to me rode with "my" cop last Friday. She had fun but was critical of him, grrrr. At least she didn't fall in crush with him like I did, so he's still "mine" all "mine!"

Out of time with all of this rambling. Maybe I'd have time to write about the Academy Session tomorrow. Have a good one!


Blogger deni said...

I am laughing at the 'he's mine, all mine' bit. You go girl!!!

10:41 AM  
Blogger sumo said...

Most likely BZ has this same effect on those that work under her. She probably kisses butt on the higher ups and fools them into thinking she's cool. So that leaves those under her to get her dark side. I've seen it time and again. I'd say she is insecure. You may have been fine with those that were before her...that doesn't mean it is your fault that things go differently with her. She's living under the impression that her &%#$ doesn't stink and everyone else's does. Okay...that will be $300.00 for that session.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

We all have had BZs in our lives ---that's really what retirement is about.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Lmao @ 'Mine all mine'!!
You have lots going on PBS, i do't envy you. Yippeeeeeeee at looking at apartments, hope one of the 2 will be ok :o)

8:07 PM  
Blogger Magpie said...

i hope BZ isn''t too hard on you, i mean what did she expect when she asks you to find her a hotel room, i've been in the same siuation and it isn't easy and you always end up paying a fortune...

can't wait to hear about the citizens academy...


2:28 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

BZ knows how to keep the staff guessing and hopping LOL

3:28 AM  
Blogger Grant said...

I have a BS degree in computer science, and don't think the irony of calling it BS is lost on me. I got it because my last company began insisting everyone have college degrees, including high-ranking office clerks. They weren't firing people for not having a degree, but they did restrict them to their current position (you coulnd't even make a lateral transfer) until you got one. Not only did I become ineligible for my job, I didn't meet the requirements for the people who reported to me.

11:07 AM  

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