Thursday, October 16, 2008

"HIgh," "Bong" and "Goosed"

After a shaky start, the rest of the visitations this week have gone well. Well, the ones that actually happened, that is. There were many time mess-ups, no-shows and cancellations but the visits that occurred were good ones. That's encouraging.

Also I had a job interview this morning. It sounded like such a great job, they cross-train and encourage people to move up in the organization. Except for a couple of things: the office is up two flights of stairs! I arrived very early, climbed up the stairs (with the cane, of course) then had plenty of time to look around in the building's hallways for an elevator. There was none.

Previously I would have not thought much about it, just a "good, now I'll get some more exercise" sort of reaction. But now I'm wondering how they can not have an elevator up to an office that, obviously, workers and clients would be going in to work or to do business. Isn't there some sort of law about accessibility in a public building? Maybe it's not really considered a public building since it's an office building with suites.

And besides the stair-climbing problem, but related to it: the job requires courier work--running in and out of the office to pick up things! What a fun job that would have been, but
A.) I'm NOT going to get a call-back even though the interview went well, and
B.) I don't think I can do that job, sadly. Gee, I really wish I could walk normally again.

I had three visitations scheduled for this afternoon and evening. Every single one of them had the time or something else messed up with them. (No, I do not set the times--the social worker does all the scheduling! They just tell me when and where to show up) But the ONE visitation that actually happened was a great one, really heartwarming. I do like this job quite a lot, and they were not joking when they said they need someone who is very flexible!

Driving over the interstate bridge to those visitations was rather sad today. There was a large, dead goose on the bridge. I wonder what the car that hit a GOOSE looks like?! They are a really big bird and could have done some damage. That interstate bridge is locally called, the "High Bridge" even though it has another, official name. The other interstate is called the "Bong Bridge" named for Major Richard Bong, a pilot of WWII fame. 'Way back when I was a college student the out-of-state students would have a good laugh at the names of our local bridges, "The HIGH bridge and the BONG bridge? What sort of party place IS this?" Actually we are kinda a boring, backwater sort of place, but peaceful.

OK, the conversation question this time is: Do you have any weirdly named (or commonly called) local roads, bridges, etc.?

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Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

When I first read your blog post title, I was thinking about the kanja weed too....;)

And yes, I would say there has to be some kind of law about having that office assessable for handicaped would someone in a wheelchair get to the office, you know?

As far as weirdly named...I guess it's not really weird but our local lake is named Lake Tohopekaliga and I've heard it's a native american term for "sleeping tiger".

9:05 AM  
Blogger No_Newz said...

Phew, I'm glad you cleared things up. I thought you turned into a pothead while I was away LOL!

No funny bridges or road names around here. :)

7:45 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

All our bridges and roads have both english and french names....

6:33 PM  
Blogger Dotm said...

Area where I live has all the roads named after other states- I live on New Hampshire Ave. above me is Vermont Ave, below me is Maine Ave. and there are a lot of other streets named after other States. To list a few- Mass., Conn., Ill. Ohio, Indiana, Rhode Island, - well you get the idea.
They must lose a lot of business by not having an elevator.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

Good thing I'm not stoned HA HA HA

Is the guy the bridge is named after the same one who invented the Bong?

You can't walk up all those stair in the condition your legs is in.

6:39 PM  

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