Thursday, September 25, 2008

Am I doomed, in yellow suspenders?

Well, got through the interview yesterday. I was nervous before the interview and kind of a basket case afterward in the car but basically it seemed to go well. I arrived early because like most universities, there's a parking hassle and I wanted to be as close to the building where the interview was being held, as possible. I offered to come back later but the receptionist contacted the two interviewers who were raring to go. Actually the raring to go thing turned out to be not so good as the interview lasted a half hour, at the most. It had easy good communication and they were friendly, which is a good sign since they are the two bosses of the position.

They had a series of questions to ask. Now these were just some normal questions but THREE out of the five questions asked had to do with things I'd rather not talk about, yikes! I've not ever been in a position to have employment skeletons in my closet!

A couple of the five questions I was asked: Why was I let go? What would my former supervisor say my best points are? What would she say my weaknesses are? Loaded questions for me now, all three of them.

I did some evasive action, using what they ONCE would have said of me. And I said that my "termination" was due to budgetary constraints (partially true) and some other reasons. Thank God they did not ask, and what are the "other reasons?" It was really stressful and back in the car I was shaking and upset. What if they call my former supervisor, Bossilla!? Even the HR person there would not give me a favorable account, she would say I was fired because of performance issues.

But I did stay calm during the interview (maybe fortunate that it was so short!) and when they had another woman take me around and introduce me to everyone in the office. I used to think the introductions thing was a good sign but now (having worked in HR in two different companies) I know that companies often do that to get the rest of the office workers' opinion about each of the candidates. They are interviewing ten candidates.

Am I doomed to only be able to get entry level jobs--and be LUCKY to get hired, just because my old cruel boss and her two cohorts have blackballed me? I didn't do anything wrong!

Still haven't heard from the part-time job for which I DID get hired. It's a position that college students often take but sounded fun. The money was kind of low but not as bad as some entry-level jobs. They had to do a background check and check my driver's license and had told me it would be a few days before all of that goes through.

Last night I dreamt of yellow suspenders(!?) Have NO idea what that dream was all about. What kind of dreams have you been having lately?

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Blogger Michael Manning said...

PBS: lol! Relax. because the laws have really changed in just recent years. The ONLY thing your employer can answer is to confirm you were an employee and from what date to what date? Few anymore will even venture into asking if you are eligible for rehire as they may face a civil suit. You handled it well and I am really pulling for you. :)

10:24 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

You got to settle down.
Jitters are normal when dealing with new prospective employers and what we believe their perception of us will be.
If you don't get it then it's their loss, you can apply somewhere else

Personally I would like to stick you ex boss in a microwave and light up her life but I don't think they make a microwave that big.

12:35 PM  
Blogger dan said...

I have the opposite problem nowadays. I have been for so many interviews that I am usually far too relaxed.

"Am I doomed, in yellow suspenders?" - nice title

1:22 PM  
Blogger Ordinary Girl said...

Hmm.. not rainbow suspenders? :)

Michael is right, they can't ask about your performance and if you find out your ex-employer is spreading nasty things about you, you do have legal recourse, though I'm not sure how individuals go about getting recourse.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Maybe your subconscious was nudging you to wear yellow suspenders to the interview, to give you a bit of an edge!Sounds like you did pretty well without them though.....

8:28 PM  
Blogger Pauline said...

ah the dreaded job interview - it sounds as though you held your own though.

yellow suspenders? If I had my druthers, I'd take it as a good sign. You not only held up well under stress (the job of suspenders, after all) you did so with good cheer.

thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site :)

6:05 AM  

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