Monday, April 03, 2006

A kind of a crush

I’m in crush! Oh dear! The ride in the squad car was ever so fun and exciting! Even though I could not sleep during my Saturday planned nap, but just lay there awake in my bed, I stayed wide awake during the entire ride in the squad car. Nothing big happened but I got to ride along at almost 70 mph in the DOWNTOWN area several times and go over sidewalks and do quick turns. Those cop guys can really drive! In fact they seem to do everything abnormally well, I’m in awe! I’m also embarrassed to admit that I’m also a bit in crush! The police guy I rode with was just such a sweetie! Yet that chivalrous, funny, chatty person could change in a flash to an intimidating cop who was all business. Where can I find one of these guys, who is not already taken? At the end of the shift I wanted to bounce up and down like a little kid and insist, “Take me for a ride again, take me along with you!” But instead I got a strong firm handshake and a big engaging grin. Sigh, my heart melted! I can certain see now the appeal of men in uniform! I've never had a thing for cops before. This program has been educational, lol.

Some of what I got to see:
Drug testing of some pot in the police lab. It was positive, so I got to see it get tagged and bagged.
A car accident and police aftermath. NEITHER of the involved parties had car insurance. The guy who got hit was hanging around “my” policeman and whining about his car. It was a nice car, a dark blue Grand Am. The policeman was very polite and told the car owner that he would have to take the woman who hit him to court to get any money from her. But when we went back in the squad car he shook his head, “If he really cared so much about his car, he would have had insurance on it!
Crowd control outside of bars: lots of this because it was Saturday night and a time change. Some bars didn’t close when they were supposed to and the police had to move people out and also break up a few altercations on the sidewalk and in parking lots.
Domestic disturbances: I had to remain in the squad car for these. Several squads would pull up, they would sneak around the sides and back, peek into windows, etc before knocking on the front door.
Questioning of victims, perpetrators and witnesses: I got to sit in the same room for these. It was very interesting!
Roll call and briefing: At shift changes or additions the police who are not out on calls congregate in a large room with a board in the front to draw diagrams on. They discuss the situations currently in progress and what’s gone on so far in the day.
A field sobriety test: the guy failed miserably but both officers were very patient with him.

Oh, there was lots more I got to experience with “my” cop! He was disappointed that nothing big had happened, said he gets bored just driving around. In the beginning we drove around his assigned area which was quite a large one. We went on obscure back roads and to dark deserted places I’ve never seen before. The first or second place we drove to I said, “I have no clue where this is!” So after that he would tease me, “Do you know where we are now?” Usually, I didn’t. It was hard to see well at night and these weren’t normal places I’d go, like to lonely grain elevators and warehouses along railroad tracks. It was quite a comfort knowing that the police patrol areas like that.

We also drove down streets and alleyways in his assigned neighborhood looking for and checking out anything that looked abnormal. He said another patrol car was doing the same thing in my neighborhood. He ran any suspicious car plate number. We followed several suspicious cars for many blocks but he laughed and said that if a cop follows a car long enough they will be able to find some reason to be able to stop that car! Pretty scary. The police have a lot of power. But of course I already knew that, but it was quite different to actually see it in action!

When we first met at the station, walked to the squad car and were getting settled (he had to re-calibrate the radar machine on the dashboard that records traffic speed) he told my that my job for the evening was to keep him from falling asleep because he hadn’t gotten much sleep over the past many days. The police work 10-hour shifts. So I took my job seriously and asked all sorts of questions and we kept up a running chatter the entire time, except when the radio was giving out pertinent information. Some of my questions were probably pretty silly but he had patience with all of them and with all the many people we encountered during the night, including two scared teenaged girls, drunken people, angry people, angry parents, drunk AND angry people!

The main job of a police officer, he said is to help people solve or at least contain, their problems and communication is the key. He also showed me some excellent ways to take people down, too, ha ha! Most people, especially when drinking resist being moved along, cuffed or stuffed into the back of a squad car. The police have all sorts of ways to make them change their minds.

“My” cop has been pepper-sprayed (by accident, in a cop-crowd brawl) but not tasered. He said they will call for a taser volunteer during one of my classes. He also said that everyone says that being tasered hurts intensely, but only for an instant. So, should I volunteer? No, I don't think so. He wasn't daring or encouraging me, but rather warning me NOT to volunteer to be a taser target. Inside scoop: Dawn dish soap works well when you get pepper-sprayed! Apparently the spray burns not only your eyes but skin too and Dawn clears the skin and makes the pain stop better than anything else.

I don’t know which part of the evening was my favorite. Hanging around in the station with all the officers exchanging stories, joking around and talking about cases was pretty fun. Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of buff guys, in uniform, loaded with weapons! Mmmmm. And “my” cop was fun, I certainly wouldn’t mind keeping him awake again all night either! Imagine someone who carefully and gently shepherds you around, tucks you in and out of the car, steps between you and possible danger, but has a great sense of humor, is witty, intelligent and fun, and can drive a car and take people down like James Bond, yikes!

The squad ride started at 10:00 p.m. and I got home around 5:00 a.m. but only slept until 7:00 a.m. The landlords (finally) came to fix my closet and I found my old police radio! So guess what I listened to most of the day yesterday? Yes, very sad….and even more sad, it’s Monday today too.


Blogger Michelle said...

Oh PBS you are too funny when you're all excited!! So glad you had a blast, you deserve a good time, even if it is riding round in a cop car!

6:52 AM  
Blogger deni said...

It sounds like you had a good time with that man in uniform!

7:11 AM  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Nice to hear you had a good time! And I telly uo what...we have police officers that come in to where I work everyday...and I find there is nothing sexier than a motorcycle cop in those black boots they wear!!! ;)

Wow...slap the cuffs on me baby! ;)

7:39 AM  
Blogger katie said...

Wow! Sounds like an adventure! I once read that domestic disturbance calls are the most dangerous for officers, so it's probably best that you had to wait in the car. I would love to do a ride along, sounds like a really good time.

9:05 AM  
Blogger dan said...

to get stones, divide pounds by 14. not totally accurate, but close enough

142 lbs / 14 = 10 stone 2 lbs (okay, that would come out 10 stone 1 on a calculator, but you get the idea)

9:34 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I have no idea why, but I have yet to meet an officer that I condsidered to be sexy.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Fizzy said...

It sounds very much like you have a crush.... and why not!!!! What a car ride that was. Sounds like you are having a good time on this course

11:36 AM  
Blogger Magpie said...

ok now i wanna be a cop and ride along with cute guys in uniform...did he tell you HOW you were supposed to keep him

i was once handcuffed to a burger van...he wasn't anywhere near cute enough


12:30 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

Drug testing sounds like fun. Where do I sign up for that?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

PBS: You've got it bad, but that's Good! FUN! In the dump (oh, Freudian slip) I mean City I live in, they stopped "ride alongs" because it was so dangerous. How cool. I read your posy and felt like I was on a segments of the TV show COPS. Maybe I should rent a Police Uniform from a costume place and see if I become a date-magnet! Very Cool Post!!!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Aims said...

Oh wow that sounds really exciting & fun. Glad you enjoyed it mate

1:31 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

Crushes are good. And when you get over it, I've still got a 38-year old single son---not a cop, but he was a bouncer for a while.

6:47 PM  
Blogger That Girl said...

so exciting! i want one!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

Sounds like you had fun. I have been if a a few squad cars in my time "cough"
They can go fast damn it. LOL

8:40 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

That was exciting...but I wouldn't want to do it. I'd probably be scared at everything that happened. Glad to hear of some good don't find many here in California...they are ALWAYS on alert mode.

2:05 AM  

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