Monday, July 16, 2007

The Power of Schmooze Award.

I have been tagged by Sumo from the blog Sumo Merriment for The Power of Schmooze Award. Thank you for the wonderful honor of including me among those blogs you designated for the The Power of Schmooze Award.

So, what does this mean?

FORMS: schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz·ing or schmoos·ing, shmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoos·es, shmooz·es

Slang To converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection. A perfect definition of blogging!

It was a nerve-racking and difficult decision but here are my 5 recipients of The Power of Schmooze Award. First, I need to stop and explain, that there are several great blogs that I read which have become private, by invitation only. They are totally deserving of the award, yet in fairness to those who can't read them, I couldn't give it to any of them.

And, there are so many bloggers I read as often as I can who also totally deserve the award. To them I will have to say, sorry, we're only allowed to pick five. (So did that fill up my alotted quota of speaking?!) So without further ado (I always wanted to say that) here are the 5 recipients of The Power of Schmooze Award. drum roll....

  • Lorna in Wonderland:

  • Lorna is always 3E in my book: Elegant, Entertaining and Educational! I learn something every time I go to her blog, and also laugh a lot at her very clever writing and observations.

  • Stuff I Think About by Bikercandy

  • Bikercandy has interesting and lively posts and observations about everything from her family to her work and riding on her motorcycle. Don't you just love her name? (If you don't already read her blog), you will love her intelligent and funny posts too!

    Just Eat Your Cupcake, by Maria
    Maria has thought-provoking, honest posts about the difficulties and the funny-side of relationships and parenthood. So many of the things she writes about are so universal, yet rendered poignant and poetic by her delicate touch.

    Lost Here and Beyond by Walker
    Honest, funny, outrageous, he writes about his out-of-the-ordinary family and friends, with some very interesting fiction thrown in. You just never know what you are going to get when you go there to read Walker's posts!

    Sumo Merriment
    Passionate and intelligent writing about the state of the world. Some great recipes and political comics too. Guaranteed to make you think, and either laugh or cry (sometimes both).

    So that about wraps up the The Power of Schmooze Award recipient list. The award winners now have been specially endowed and empowered (except for those who have already done this, or don't care to do it) to bestow this precious award to 5 bloggers of their choosing.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Congrats! u deserve it really!

    5:57 AM  
    Blogger Lorna said...

    kudos! and thank you. Now I've got bogwriter's block.

    6:38 AM  
    Blogger Lorna said...

    blogwriter's block.

    6:39 AM  
    Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

    Congrats on the award! :)

    Now, it looks like I've got some new blogs to check out! :)

    8:02 AM  
    Blogger BikerCandy said...

    Wow...I'm so honored! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence.

    11:17 AM  
    Blogger Michael Manning said...

    First time hearing about this category. Wish I could accept for you! "PBS couldn't be here tonight due to a new movie being filmed in France. But I'd like to thank...."

    11:25 AM  
    Blogger Walker said...

    Congrats on tha Award and you deserve it.
    I am also honored that you picked me to give one to.

    Now ,I have to go check the others you have choosen.

    1:57 PM  
    Blogger sumo said...

    Well...goodness...thank you for the reciprocation...never expected that. You know why you are one of my favorite reads...your homeyness and I love to hear about the BZilla. I look forward to your work stories so much...I'm pathetic I know. But keep pounding those work keys!

    3:16 PM  
    Blogger Lisa said...

    Congratulations PBS, good for you! :)

    My blogroll has certainly been shrinking the last few months for one reason or another. Now I can go and check out your recommendations for more reading material. Yay!

    (I have been in here reading and catching up, broke my heart reading about those damn storms and what they did to your garden...shame on them!)

    4:52 AM  
    Blogger Maria said...

    Ah, sweetie...thank you. I am so glad you like reading me as much as I like reading you.....

    8:39 PM  

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