Thursday, July 19, 2007

checking him out

Well, here it is Thursday already and my last post was on Monday. Not that things haven't been happening; things are always happening. This is both good and bad. So let's see, what's worth writing about? Or put in another way, maybe not worth writing about but I feel like writing about!

Monday I had breakfast with best friend SLA. She had called me up on Sunday night asking, "Can I bring someone along?" and I said, sure, Houseguest can come along too. I haven't seen her for awhile, since SLA's surprise birthday party, in fact. Those two were childhood best friends and hang around together. But it wasn't Houseguest but a man--a new boyfriend! (OK, I don't really like that term, BF, but it describes the relationship and I dislike the other ways of saying it even more: lover, special friend, etc and etc. bleee-uuug!)

So SLA is wanted me to research New Man online, since I do that sort of thing at work. And there wasn't much to be found. That's an improvement, you used to be able to uncover all sorts of things about other people online! Nowadays that sort of information is for sale, or only available by subscription to a special database or something. That's a good thing, but not good for finding out about this particular person. Then she wanted me to do a natal chart for him since I used to be a professional astrologer, but since I re-found my religion, I don't do that sort of thing anymore. So I guess SLA will just have to go by intuition. This situation is a bit more risky in that he's from out-of-town and normally there are friends and family around a new BF so you can get sort of an indication of character and such. Hope it all turns out well. I was no help in the matter!

OK, that was just one topic I wanted to write about today! Either this is going to get far too long or I'll have to break it up into a day or two.

I'm driving down to see son and girlfriend right after work on Friday. This time I'm loading up the washer and dryer into the jeep. They're apartment sized, but still, the washer is fairly heavy to lift up into the back of the vehicle. A guy from work volunteered to help me with it! So on Friday morning I'll try to load them up, and if I can't, he will accompany me from work to help! Pretty cool! My co-workers aren't all bad, just the women. Yeah, I know that sounds really sexist, especially coming from me, another woman, but it's true.

I'm a bit nervous about having to drive all the way down there without a cell phone. If something happened, it would be a long walk to an exit on the freeway! I don't have a personal cell and use my work cell phone only for emergencies but it was taken away for an upgrade--which was very bad timing.

I may bring them some chairs and other things, whatever else will fit into the jeep once I (or we) get the washer and dryer into it. Also, I'm going to make them some rhubarb cake tonight as well as water my garden really really well and do the laundry, pack, and all.

I've been eating cherry tomatoes from my garden for the past couple of days! When I was a kid my Mom would rave about garden tomatoes, but we kids would just humor her. We'd never had a "store" tomato and didn't know the difference. And there is SUCH a difference! So the garden is still limping along, not exactly lush and healthy but surviving. So how's your week been so far?

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Blogger Michael Manning said...

How interesting? I've never been asked to check someone out. But that's cool she is being careful!

2:58 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

It appears that son is doing well on his own and with a girlfriend. I think it's great and hope it stays that way. Though you are alone good that he is on his own. I can only hope after one more year of University...mine will do me the honor of moving on. I've already warned him that when he graduates next year (I thought it would be this year...darn!)...that I expected that it was time for me to be able to walk around naked in my own house if I so choose...and that is why he'll need to skeedaddle elsewhere. I know how to clear a room! Hope you are having success with more lookers at the house. And...hope you also don't mind that I pinched some of your schmooze words...liked them better.

2:53 AM  
Blogger BikerCandy said...

I'm going to write about yesterday in my blog in a minute so you can read it there but suffice it to say, this has not been my best week.

I hope you have a good time with your son.

9:01 AM  

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