Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just Looking

At the company meeting yesterday, they passed around copies of the new office layout. There I am in the drawing, still in the middle of the floor, on display, will be plainly seen from down the hallway. They were also deciding on their picks for each office color. I got depressed all over again. I've tried to keep up a good attitude about the impending change but it's very difficult sometimes. After that they were talking about a company family party. I'm the only non-married one there, although I don't know if I'd subject a poor spouse to one of their company parties! I've never wanted to invite the V-Man, and if I did he probably wouldn't go. I keep trying to find the good in the company I work for, good wages, benefits, etc. but the truth is, I really really hate it there. I feel like a fish out of water, a dog with no bone, a tree towering over the little shrubs--well, you get the idea!

It was with a tired and depressed attitude I came home, took care of my little dog and sat down to read (my Mom's, she hasn't moved her subscription over to her new place yet) newspaper. And there in the classifieds was a great-sounding JOB! It's with a publishing company and blocks away from where I live. I'm not quite qualified for it, though. By that I mean it requires accounting skills and experience and I've only recently started doing accounting at work. But BZ did say recently that I could take an accounting class--should I hurry and sign up for one? That would be rather self-serving but she offered and I think I'll take her up on it. It may be too late for this particular job but I'm going to do up a cover letter and resume and hope for the best!

All of the fresh burst of hope brought another situation in mind:
In the spring of 2004 I was depressed about my job, too (same place, of course) and like a miracle saw an ad for a Police Secretary in the newspaper! I was interested in the police even back then, ha ha, but this was for the PD in the small rural city where I then lived. The catch was, I saw the ad on Friday and the application and paperwork were due the following MONDAY! Ordinarily that wouldn't have been such a problem, I rushed after work to pick up the application and asked a few questions while I was there. Friday night and Saturday morning I filled out the application, did a nice resume and cover letter.

But then I had to hurry to the Post Office by noon (because they closed then) to send the envelope. I was flying out EARLY on Monday morning for a distant event for work, before the PD office opened (I'd asked to make sure there wasn't some way I could drop the paperwork off, instead) and the job application was due by noon on Monday. I thought of asking my son to bring it to the PD but he was working nights and I'd be nervous that he might oversleep and miss the noon deadline, plus it seemed like rather a burden to place on him. So I sent the paperwork special delivery to arrive on Monday morning.

Early Monday morning I left a sheet of paper for my son, like I always do when traveling. At the top was my work cell number and the hotel address and phone. At the bottom of the sheet I put the PD's phone number. I was going to be gone for a week and wanted to make sure that he picked up any possible call from them about the job. We had caller ID in the country and ignored many "junk" calls, I didn't want him to accidently ignore a call for an interview!

The event went well and I was glad to be home. I asked my son if the Police Department had called for me. He looked rather surprised when I pointed at the number (with a written explanation) at the bottom of the "instruction" sheet. To my horror, he said he'd been calling that number in the evenings trying to get ahold of me! And after two or three nights, he tried calling in the daytime several times AND ASKING FOR ME! Yikes!

Can you just imagine what that Police Department thought? They must have caller ID.

1. First they get a specially-delivered job application, last minute from me--who only lives a few miles away from them.

2. Then they get a bunch of night-time phone calls from my household phone number!

3. After that, a male voice calls them many times during the day, asking for me--a job applicant!

What must they have thought! I know now just how suspicious and paranoid the police have to be about things. They must have thought I was a total looney-tunes, and probably checked me out thoroughly to make sure I wasn't a threat to other people.

Needless to say, I never got an interview call from them. I was probably lucky they didn't call on me in person! And I never, after hearing that horror story from my son, quite dared to call them to explain!

Now I think that job-finding story is hilarious, but it wasn't at the time. I'd really wanted that job. Do you have any funny or tragic job-finding stories?


Blogger deni said...

Nope, not really. I always get told, 'We'll get back to you', then they never do, or if they do they offer me a totally different job than the one I applied for at way less wages than I hoped.


10:27 AM  
Blogger Magpie said...

OMG thats quite funny when you look back at it...lol

sign up for the accounts course anyway, its another string to your bow for the future...

and your letter is Q, ok only kidding I choose P B and S...that makes it a bit easier for you and although its cheating its my stick to pass on, i'm just morphing it a little...


12:25 PM  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I have one funny job-finding story about getting caught out in the rain right before a big job interview and getting soaked!!! It was HORRIBLE...I looked like a drowned rat! (But I did get the job!!!;)

Sounds like you need to sign up for that accounting course...it sure couldn't hurt, right? :)

2:07 PM  
Blogger Digital Spy said...

Many years ago I had a job interview in a restaurant with two company directors(was an IT job not a restaurant job). All was going well until I pulled just a little hard to free a corner of my steak dianne and as the gristle gave way a wave of dianne sauce flew across the table badly splattering the two directors. At this point I started to laugh (what else can you do). Astoundingly I was offerred the job on the spot and worked there for several years.

9:09 PM  

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