Monday, January 05, 2009

Another Typical Day

Well, it's turning into another typical day so far, which includes:

--An early morning call from my mother which lasted 45 minutes--before I'd had my coffee or made a "pit stop"

--Three calls to potential employers, including asking about an interview that I had on December 16th. One call-back about setting up an interview

--Called to set up the next batch of tests for the County Economic Specialist position

--Wrote a cover letter, printed off a resume, packaged and addressed to a new potential employer

--Waiting to hear whether I work or not today, and when

And it's just noon so far. The first Economic Specialist test was really difficult. There were 100 questions and 10 were spelling (easy) 10 were grammar (not too bad) but the other 80 questions were MATH questions--with no calculator allowed! Yikes.

When the test-giver asked who needed scratch paper, every hand in the room was raised and waving. I used up 3 sheets of scratch paper, had to turn in a used one to get another. Most people taking the test used pretty much the same, except for the couple of people who threw down the test in disgust and left the room.

I wish I could have kept the test just to look it over. There were formulas for figuring housing allowances, food stamps, etc. and boy, were they ever complex, I'd had no idea! And not just a one-stop calculation for each, but a long series of multiplying, figuring percentages and looking up on a chart (on a different page)to get ONE answer. It was so grueling that I began to wonder if I even wanted the job but it pays so well. And I passed, so on to the next batch of tests. I'm scheduled to take them tomorrow afternoon, between the worker's comp consultation and 2 visitations for work.

Yesterday we had 7 inches of snow. Today it's 15 degrees below zero and the windchill is supposed to be 20-40 below. It looks nice and sunny outside but sunny days are the coldest in the wintertime. The house was cracking and creaking all night long and the furnace also ran all night. Thank goodness the furnace has been working great!

Speaking of great: My wonderful neighbors used their snow-blower to clean my side and driveway! The sidewalk is half a block on one side and a good portion in the front. I've mentioned before how I always seem to buy the corner house which gets stuck with all that shoveling in the winter.

Cute joke from the Urban Chickens group:

Why do chicken coops have 2 doors?
If they had 4 they would be a sedan

So how's your new year going so far?

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Blogger Walker said...

You've done alot between waking up and noon
I have taken a few test for the government and they are no cake walk.
I think they are looking for people who who don't do well as to not catch on to what they have been skimming LOL

My year so far. interesting

12:44 PM  
Blogger Ordinary Girl said...

I hope you do well on the next test too. Maybe that one will be 80% spelling and grammar and 20% math. ;)

A good paying job is nice, even if it is tedious. It just takes an meticulous mind, and you sound like an organized person, so it should be no sweat after learning the ropes.

The weather has been odd here. We had tornadoes the weekend after Christmas. The temperatures rose to the 60s and then dropped suddenly causing thunder storms. This weekend we had something similar, but no storms. It was 70 degrees on Saturday (in January??!) when we arrived at the movies and nearing freezing when we left two hours later. Ah, 70 degrees even for a few hours was heavenly.

12:44 PM  
Blogger deni said...

Hi PBS, I am so far behind, didn't realize that you got a new job, wow, I hope everything works out for you, I know you were wanting to get out of your last job. Maybe you will get the other job, crossing my fingers for you!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

It's warm and raining here. I still sleep with the window open and sometimes the fan on.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well congrats on passing such a gruelling test and I wish you luck with the next one too. I think I would have been one of the people who flounced out of the room in disgust so YAY for you for sticking with it. I really hope it leads to something rewarding for you.

Boy it sure sounds cold there. It's been a strange summer here so far. Quite mild though it's starting to heat up now.

8:42 AM  
Blogger BikerCandy said...

Wow, I hate tests like that...but good for you for passing it!

I really liked your joke made me laugh out loud!

8:51 AM  
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Ugh. Tests. Don't like them and never have. Glad you did ok on yours.

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